Typography transfers our voice to users and readers.

Consistent use of our typefaces is key to the consistency of the Flatiron voice.

Typeface or font?
Typeface: an entire family (Post Grotesk)
Font: a single weight (Post Grotesk Light)

Our primary typeface is Post Grotesk for its functional, clear and technical qualities.

Primary Font

Use Post Grotesk Light for the majority of content.

Our primary typeface used for most copy: headlines relating to technical information, sub-headings, all body copy and chart and graph headlines.

When in doubt, use Post Grotesk Light.


Secondary Font
Use Post Grotesk Medium for greater visual emphasis.

Used when greater hierarchy or emphasis in a headline is needed. Also set in small caps for sub-headlines.


Our secondary typeface is Tiempos for its friendly, personal and humanist qualities.

Use Tiempos Medium when showing our humanity.

Limited use for marketing and collateral that need added warmth, which can include blog posts or anything that communicates an opinion, shares a human story or involves an editorial slant.

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Always use appropriate contrast when using colors other than white as backgrounds or when setting typography in a composition.

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