Our brand is built on values that guide our culture, visuals that guide our appearance and language that guides how we speak externally.

What follows is a set of rules that standardizes how to use visual and written elements to capture Flatiron Health's overarching identity. Together, these elements establish a coherent brand identity and give power to an intentional narrative.

These guidelines will answer the question, “How do I create collateral that accurately represents Flatiron?” 

In following this set of rules, you’ll support the strength and recognition of our brand.


Usage guidelines, do’s and don’ts, and usage guidelines for the Flatiron logo and products like OncoEMR®, CareSpace and Flatiron Assist™.

Voice and Tone

How Flatiron sounds in writing.

Brand Ingredients

The visual elements that establish our look and feel.


The typefaces we use to keep our brand consistent. 


Our primary, secondary and tertiary colors and when to use each. 

Downloadable Assets

Shortcuts to download assets.

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