Our palette includes bold colors to reflect a bold brand identity.

Our palette is organized from top to bottom in order of importance. Consistent use of our color palette, without alteration, is core to creating brand consistency. For all colors below, tints are allowable to use.

Primary Palette

Our minimal, primary palette evokes a premium, high-touch brand.

Of our five primary colors, purple is the strongest and should always be elevated as such in compositions. Our blue, especially in print and environmental signage, is vibrant and should be used judiciously in large compositions.

Pantone: 2726 C/U

HEX: #5051DB
RGB: 80/81/219
CMYK: 76/72/0/0

Pantone: 2173 C

HEX: #3882f5
RGB: 56/130/245
CMYK: 73/49/0/0

Pantone: Cool Gray 8 C

HEX: #758299
RGB: 117/130/153
CMYK: 58/44/28/2

Pantone: Process Black C

HEX: #000000
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 75/67/67/90

Secondary Palette

Our secondary color palette is intended for use in technical graphs, charts, and when handling data.

This palette is intentionally restricted to cool color tones and has been optimized for proper contrast to accommodate color deficiencies. Always use the colors in the order shown. 

Not all colors are WCAG AA compliant, please check them based your specific compositions and use cases. 

Pantone: 2726 C
HEX: #5051DB
RGB: 80/81/219
CMYK: 76/72/0/0
Pantone: 311 C/U
HEX: #05bfe0
RGB: 5/191/224
CMYK: 69/0/9/0
Pantone: 647 C / 2935 U
HEX: #1463b0
RGB: 20/99/176
CMYK: 91/63/0/0

Pantone: 3252 C/U
HEX: #33d1bf
RGB: 51/209/191
CMYK: 63/0/35/0
Pantone: 5473 C/U
HEX: #0a7387
RGB: 10/115/135
CMYK: 88/43/37/9
Pantone: 310 C/U
HEX: #33f5f5
RGB: 51/245/245
CMYK: 52/0/15/0

Tertiary Palette

Our tertiary color palette should be limited to physical products, materials and collateral and is meant to be used sparingly.

Our tertiary color palette should be limited to physical products, materials and collateral and is meant to be used sparingly. It has been reserved to support collateral where extreme high-contrast is required; for example, when creating a color coding system for conference badges.

Pantone: Rubine Red C / 206 U
HEX: #d1144f
RGB: 209/20/79
CMYK: 12/100/60/2
Pantone: 164 C / 1505 U
HEX: #fa781a
RGB: 250/120/26
CMYK: 0/66/100/0
Pantone: 1795 C / 179 U
HEX: #d63333
RGB: 214/51/51
CMYK: 10/95/89/1

Pantone: 1235 C / 122 U
HEX: #ffb000
RGB: 255/176/0
CMYK: 0/35/100/0
Pantone: 208 C / 1945 U
HEX: #941a40
RGB: 148/26/64
CMYK: 29/100/64/23 
Pantone: 1625 C/U
HEX: #ff9e8f
RGB: 255/158/143
CMYK: 0/47/36/0


Our neutral palette is intended as background for graphic elements.

Use one of these neutral tones when more contrast is needed for an ideal composition.

Pantone: 427 C
HEX: #ccd1db
RGB: 204/209/219
CMYK: 18/13/7/0
Pantone: 10% Cool Grey 8 C
HEX: #f2f2f5
RGB: 242/242/245
CMYK: 4/3/2/0

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